Information Technologies Infrastructure

Active Directory

Rensselaer's campus directory contains contact information for all students, faculty and staff at the Troy and Hartford campuses.

Anti-Spam Services (RESPITE)

The Rensselaer Enterprise Spam Interdiction TEchnology, or REPSITE, server scans all email addressed to and to detect possible spam and viruses.

Cable Television

The Rensselaer Cable Television Network broadcasts digital CATV to many screens located around the main campus and in the residence halls.  


With OnStream, you can watch a lineup of live streaming TV accessible throughout your campus, even outside your own residence hall. OnStream lets you and your residents stream the live TV you love wherever you want on your own devices – no TV required. 

Campus Directory

Rensselaer offers an on-line directory for all of the campus' faculty, staff, and students.

Campus Telephone System

Rensselaer's network has been engineered to support campus telephones via a Voice over IP, or VoIP, system.


DIAL Campus Health and Wellness Check-In Tool

The Daily Interactions and Activities Log (DIAL) tool provides a way for all members of the campus community to log their daily interactions to assist with proper COVID-19 contact tracing.

Domain Name Service (DNS)

DotCIO is responsible for maintaining the campus Domain Name Service (DNS), which translates the IP addresses of the computers that are connected to Rensselaer's campus network into more recognizable system names.

Faculty and Staff Email

The Exchange e-mail service, which supports IMAP and MAPI (Outlook) and is accessible via most web browsers, is available to all current Rensselaer employees. 

IP Address Management

DotCIO is responsible for managing campus IP addresses.  While most users utilize DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to obtain an IP address, faculty or staff hosting servers or services on campus may request a static IP address.

Mailing Lists (SYMPA)

DotCIO offers a mailing list service which is powered by SYMPA, a full-featured service that allows members of the campus community to create, manage, and subscribe to mailing lists.

Mobile Exchange (MobEx)

The Mobile Exchange, or MobEx, service enables Rensselaer employees having approved iOS and Android devices to access their Exchange mailbox, calendar, and contacts through a mobile device. 


DotCIO provides support for networked printing on campus including many community-wide printers and networking and sharing of departmental or lab based printers.

Remote Access

Remote access into campus is currently only supported via the campus' Virtual Private Network, or VPN.

Server Support

The Central Servers group designs, deploys and maintains the campus-wide server operating systems that support many academic and business applications.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates create a secure digital tunnel that blocks hackers and thieves from seeing individuals' usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and other valuable personal data.

Student Email

Rensselaer students can access their RPI email at using their RPI Email and password.

Telephone Accounts and Services

Rensselaer provides traditional phone services and can also facilitate cell phone services for faculty and staff if authorized by the appropriate department.


All faculty and staff members of the Rensselaer community are entitled to a free voicemail box.

Wireless Network (eduroam)

Rensselaer participates in eduroam, a secure world-wide roaming Internet access service developed for the international research and education community.

Wireless Network (rpi_netreg)

Wireless devices that do not support WPA2 Enterprise may connect to rpi_netreg, which is an unsecured/unencrypted wireless network.  MAC address registration is required before connecting.

Wireless Network (rpi_wpa2)

Members of the campus community can connect to RPI's wireless network via the rpi_wpa2 Service Set IDentifier, or SSID.
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