Client Information Services

Backup Services

Having your computer hardware fail isn't the time to realize that you haven't backed up your data!

Central Storage

DotCIO offers network attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) solutions for many academic and business operations.

Computer Repair

Rensselaer Computer Repair (RCR)'s manufacturer-certified technicians provide the campus community with warranty repair for a wide range of computing equipment, and also offer time and materials non-warranty repair on all other equipment.

Electronic Lab Notebooks

DotCIO provides access to and support for a cloud-based Electronic Lab Notebook product for use by RPI faculty, staff and students.

File Sharing (AFS)

Although Rensselaer students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use cloud file service where applicable, each campus department is granted 50 MB of disk space on AFS.

File Sharing (OneDrive)

Similar to Box, OneDrive is a free cloud file-sharing service that provides end users with the ability to access files with any Internet-capable device from almost any location.


GitHub is a web-based interface to the GIT version control software that manages and tracks changes to files over time.

Guest Accounts

A faculty member, staff member, or a department can sponsor a guest account for elevated access to campus resources.

Help Desk

The Help Desk team is available for phone and in-person support during the Help Desk's posted hours.

High-Performance Computing

DotCIO and Research provide support for high-performance computing via operations at the Center for Computational Innovation.  Located at the Rensselaer Technology Park, this facility provides high-performance clusters for use by RPI faculty and students, as well as researchers. 


Rensselaer students may need to use iClicker personal response devices in their classes in order to participate in taking class attendance, offering feedback during class discussions, or taking online pop quizzes.

IT Support and Ticketing System (ITSSC)

The IT Services and Support Center (ITSSC) provides a centralized location where members of the campus computing community can find self-help information, as well as an easy interface for submitting a request for DotCIO service-related assistance.

Knowlege Base

Search our knowledge base of documentation that includes answers to frequently asked questions, how-to guides, and troubleshooting instructions.

Lab Instrument Computer Support

DotCIO’s Research Computing provides assistance with procurement, installation and operation of computers used to control laboratory instruments and machines.  This includes providing infrastructure, software, and procedures that assist research centers and labs to comply with RPI security policies. 

Medium Performance Computing

Provides assistance with needs for computation that require more than a normal desktop or laptop but do not fit into traditional HPC definitions.

Mobile Computing Program (Laptops)

Rensselaer's Mobile Computing Program (MCP) partners with top manufacturers to provide a laptop that fully supports students' computing needs and helps enable and ensure their academic success.

Red Hat Satellite Service

Red Hat Satellite is an infrastructure management system designed to deploy, configure, and maintain Linux systems across campus.

Rensselaer Computing System (RCS) ID

All faculty, staff and students are issued a unique RCS ID and initial password, which provide access to the computer network, printing services, WiFi, email, and many Rensselaer applications, including the Learning Management System (Blackboard).

Software Consulting

Client (Desktop) Support can help evaluate and track and/or assign licenses for specific departments and develop and also maintain some software and middleware.

Software Distribution

DotCIO provides software and software licensing services to students, faculty, and staff.  All of the software which is available is for academic use only and is not to be used for commercial purposes.

Software Installation

DotCIO's Help Desk staff have compiled various software installation hints to help members of the campus community, and are also available to assist individuals who visit or call the Help Desk.


Rensselaer Computer Science faculty and their active students use Submitty to streamline homework submission and grading.

Training Videos

The Help Desk staff has assembled a collection of "how to" videos that may help students, faculty, and staff with their most frequently asked questions.
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