Decommissioning, Disposing, or Removing IT Equipment from Service

DotCIO provides various licensed applications for use on Rensselaer-owned computer systems.  Additionally, DotCIO provides management and maintenance of Rensselaer computer systems. These applications and services can only be provided for systems in active use and within the possession of Rensselaer.  Further, all computer systems store data which could be sensitive or private in nature. Computer systems not properly decommissioned pose multiple risks including unauthorized use of Rensselaer licensed applications, unauthorized access to sensitive data, loss of use due to presence of Rensselaer security systems and policies.  Lastly, many computer systems and other IT equipment has very specific disposal requirements and precautions.  It is imperative that any computer system which is being disposed of or removed from service for Rensselaer be properly decommissioned by following the Disposal of Technology Equipment process. 

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