Forwarding RCS Email (IMAP/Webmail)

As of Jan. 2012, all new Rensselaer employees will be required to use DotCIO's Exchange service. To forward new email to the Exchange service, work with your department's Computer Support staff, or contact the VCC Help Desk.

Web-based forwarding . This program allows students to display, set, change, or clear the e-mail forwarding of their RCS userID. You will be asked to enter your RCS userID and password. Please allow six hours for your forwarding request to take effect.

Your e-mail will continue to be forwarded until you explicitly discontinue it. (To remove the current forward, click the Remove Current Forward button.)

For example, if you want to forward mail to your account userabcd on a system called , enter

Do not forward spam! Forwarding spam could cause RPI's central mail servers to be black-listed. All forwarded accounts must be opted into RESPITE at a level that minimizes forwarded spam, or use the system defaults. Do not tag spam on forwarded accounts. The receiving machine will make no distinction between tagged spam and untagged spam---RPI will still appear to be the spam source. If it is determined that your forward may cause problems with the RPI service, we will take measures including adjusting RESPITE settings, or, if necessary, removing the forward.

Although this web-based forwarding program does some rudimentary syntax checking on the forwarding address you enter, it will not catch all errors. Further, it cannot ascertain whether you have entered the correct forwarding address or even a valid e-mail account. Incorrect or invalid forwarding addresses can result in "lost" e-mail. Take special care when you enter your forwarding information.

Web-based forwarding is only available to users of the Cyrus IMAP service. The forwarding page is not available to Exchange users and Renssalaer policy specifically prohibits employees from automatically forwarding their email to non-DotCIO hosted email services.