Email, Web Conferencing, and Collaboration

Includes Webmail, Microsoft Outlook, mailing lists,, Webex, Webforms, and spam and phishing filters.


Whether they’re using a desktop or a laptop, or an Android phone or an iPhone, all students, faculty and staff can use their RCS accounts to access their Rensselaer email.

File Sharing ( file sharing service is available to all Rensselaer students, faculty, and staff free of charge.

File Sharing (OneDrive)

Similar to Box, OneDrive is a free cloud file-sharing service that provides end users with the ability to access files with any Internet-capable device from almost any location.


GitHub is a web-based interface to the GIT version control software that manages and tracks changes to files over time.

Mailing Lists (SYMPA)

DotCIO offers a mailing list service which is powered by SYMPA, a full-featured service that allows members of the campus community to create, manage, and subscribe to mailing lists.

Student Email

Rensselaer students can access their RPI email at using their RPI Email and password.
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