Research Services

Services provide support for laboratories, instruments, and High Performance Computing.

Electronic Lab Notebooks

DotCIO provides access to and support for a cloud-based Electronic Lab Notebook product for use by RPI faculty, staff and students.

High-Performance Computing

DotCIO and Research provide support for high-performance computing via operations at the Center for Computational Innovation.  Located at the Rensselaer Technology Park, this facility provides high-performance clusters for use by RPI faculty and students, as well as researchers. 

Lab Instrument Computer Support

DotCIO’s Research Computing provides assistance with procurement, installation and operation of computers used to control laboratory instruments and machines.  This includes providing infrastructure, software, and procedures that assist research centers and labs to comply with RPI security policies. 

Medium Performance Computing

Provides assistance with needs for computation that require more than a normal desktop or laptop but do not fit into traditional HPC definitions.
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