Teaching and Learning

Services include classroom technology support, Blackboard (LMS), library and research instruction, and Virtual Desktop.


DotCIO has obtained enterprise licensing for Gradescope, an online grading platform which can be used to grade paper-based, digital and code assignments.


Rensselaer students may need to use iClicker personal response devices in their classes in order to participate in taking class attendance, offer feedback during class discussions, or take online pop quizzes.

Learning Management System (Blackboard)

Rensselaer's Learning Management System allows professors, TAs and other instructors to set up and manage the online course materials that are available to their students.

Lecture Capture and Video

Instructors may request to have course work captured and cataloged using MediaSite, Webex and/or through Blackboard (LMS).

Polling and Survey Tool (Qualtrics)

In response to a rapidly increasing number of requests to survey the Rensselaer community, the Institute has adopted a survey procedure designed to manage requests to survey Rensselaer students, faculty, staff, parents, and/or alumni.


Rensselaer Computer Science faculty and their active students use Submitty to streamline homework submission and grading.

Webex and LMS (Blackboard)

Blackboard, Rensselaer's campus Learning Management System, or LMS, now has Webex integration which not only allows students to work in Webex "teams," but gives instructors a chance to host virtual meetings and conduct online office hours.

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