Adaptive Release

Adaptive Release controls the release of content to users based on a set of rules created by the instructor. The rules may be related to availability, date and time, individual users, group membership, scores or attempts on any Grade Center item, calculated columns or review status of an item in the course.

Edit Mode must be ONHover over the item you want to assign Adaptive Release. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the item, scroll to and click adaptive release.

  adaptive release menu

Release by Date and/or Time

To release by date and/or time, click the check box for Display AfterDisplay Until or both. Click the calendar to select specific dates. Click the clockto select specific times or type in the dates and times.

   adaptive release date

Release based on Membership

To release based on Membership, leave blank to release to all users. To release to specific users, click Browse.

  adaptive release browse

If you know the Username(s), you can manually enter them into the Username text box separated by a comma. Otherwise, click on the drop-down arrow to the right of Field scroll to and click on either usernamefirst or last name. Enter the RCS UserID, or first name or last name in the Term text box. Click Go. Locate the correct user. Click the check box to the left of their name and then click Submit.

  adaptive release search

You can also release by Membership (Groups)Note: the group must be setup first. Under Items to Select, click on the Group name. Click on the right arrow pointing to the right to move the selected group to Selected Items.

  adaptive release select groups

Release by Grade

To release based on Grade, select a Grade Center column. Then set the Selection Condition and/or Score or Percentage.

   adaptive release grade

Release by Review Status

Review Status will permit users to mark an item as reviewed. To release based on Review Status, click Browse to select a document in the course.

  adaptive release review status



Scroll to and click on the document for review status.

   adaptive release review document

 When you're finished, click Submit.


Click Advanced Adaptive Release to learn about Advanced Adaptive Release.