On the Horizon

The On the Horizon mailing list, which is published daily and consists of all the events in Rensselaer's public events calendar for the next seven days, is an optional new addition to Rensselaer's information services which acts as a complement to MorningMail. "On the Horizon" is an "opt-in" list; if you do not subscribe yourself, you will not receive it.

On the Horizon publishes all of the public events for the next seven days as they appear in the campus events calendar. Many events will repeat on consecutive days in On the Horizon, thereby making it a great vehicle for event reminders. (This is in contrast to MorningMail, via which not all campus events, news items or announcements will necessarily appear in the daily MorningMail mailing. For example, some items may appear only on the MorningMail website or RSS feed, and some items may not be republished in MorningMail.)

At the same time, On the Horizon is like MorningMail in that each item links back to the original calendar event, and also provides an easy event download link to allow users to place the item in their personal calendar.

If you wish to preview or subscribe to On the Horizon, please refer to the additional information available via the campus events calendar.