Hosting a Personal Web Server on ResNet

The campus firewalls now block inbound web services (TCP port 80) to the campus ResNet system. This affects students hosting a personal web server on ResNet in that off-campus access to the server will not be allowed by default.

Students wishing to host a personal web server on ResNet may do so on-line by completing the ResNet Static IP Request to obtain a static IP address for their server from the Hostmaster. The static IP address will usually be assigned within one business day. Firewall changes can take up to 5 business days. You can check back to see the status.

Firewall changes for a student's personal web server will remain in effect for the academic year. After that time, if the change is still required for the following academic year, the student will need to submit a new request.

Campus firewalls will do application inspection of inbound traffic on TCP port 80 (http) to ensure protocol validity.

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