Business Intelligence (Data Warehouse)


What is the purpose of the Data Warehouse?

The Rensselaer Data Warehouse integrates administrative data into a consistent information resource that supports planning, forecasting, and decision-making processes at Rensselaer. 


Who may use the Data Warehouse?

The Data Warehouse is available to Rensselaer staff and faculty that have been granted access to the system.  Formal requests to add new users or to update access for current users may be made by approved department managers logging into the Data Warehouse and completing the Security Profile Request form.


What data exists within a Data Warehouse?

Large volumes of detailed data already exist in Banner and other transactional database systems within Rensselaer. A core subset of this data is imported into the data warehouse, prioritized by subject area (i.e. by business area), including finance, research, contracts and grants, enrollment analysis, alumni, etc...

A fundamental axiom of the data warehouse is that the imported data is both read-only and non-volatile. As the amount of data within the data warehouse grows, the value of the data increases, allowing a user to perform longer-term analyses of the data.

Whereas the operational data is generally real-time or near real-time, data within the data warehouse is historical. The data import process described above will occur at specific intervals, likely once per day (during the middle of the night).

Such an import schedule should be sufficient since the data warehouse is used primarily for reporting and analyzing relatively large volumes of historical data in an effort to decide what to do in the future.