Mobile Computing Program (Laptops)

Can't Open Those PDFs?

If you’re having an issue with opening or linking to PDF files within the Microsoft Edge web browser, the VCC Help Desk staff has found a solution which adds the Adobe Reader Touch extension to the Microsoft Edge browser. 

NOTE:  You must be connected to the Internet in order to follow these steps.

Installing Adobe Reader Touch

1.    Open Microsoft Edge, then click on the ellipsis ( …) in the upper right corner.
2.    Select Extensions , then click the Get extensions from the store option.  Doing this should open a new window.
3.    In the search bar in the top right corner of the window, type Adobe, then click the Adobe Reader Touch option.
4.    Select Get.  Adobe Reader Touch will download and install.

Changing Your File Association

Once you’ve successfully installed Adobe Touch Reader, you will need to follow the steps below to change your file association.

1.    Click Start, then click Control Panel.  If the Control Panel window option doesn’t appear, do a Windows search on Control Panel.
2.    Click Programs, then Default programs.  If you are in icon view, just click Default Programs.
3.    Click on the Associate a file type or protocol with a program option.
4.    Scroll down until you see .pdf under the Extensions list on the left-hand side.
5.    Click once on .pdf, then click on the Change program… button at the top of the window.
6.    Locate the Adobe Reader Touch option, and click on it once.
7.    Click OK, and then Close.

You should now be able to open and link to all PDF documents using Adobe Reader Touch.  If you continue to have problems or have other questions, please visit the Help Desk during their walk-in consult hours or contact them via e-mail.

Why We've Gone Mobile

Using a Laptop All undergraduates are required to have a laptop computer that meets Rensselaer specifications, and laptops are now used in nearly every class.  Wireless connectivity is also available in every classroom.

MBA and MS students in the Lally School of Management and Technology are also required to have laptop computers. All matriculated students -- both undergraduate and graduates, regardless of school -- may participate in the Mobile Computing Program.

You can connect your laptop computer to the network in the more than 50 classrooms around the campus, using both wired and wireless connections.

In addition, every residence hall room includes network access for each resident at no additional charge, and most campus locations, including the residence halls, offer wireless connectivity.