Windows 2000 Network Settings

Windows 2000 should be able to connect to the RPI network "out-of-the-box", that is, you should not need to change any settings. However, if for some reason your computer's network settings are changed, you can fix them manually.

The following details how to connect your computer to the Rensselaer Computing System (RCS) network.


  1. Click Start then Select Settings and Click Control Panel , this will bring up the Control Panel


  2. Double Click Network and Dialup Connection


  3. Right Click Local Area Connection and Select Properties from that drop down menu. This will open a new window


  4. Under the General tab of the new window that appears find Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) . Select it,and Click Properties . Again, a new window opens.


  5. Under the General tab of this window make sure both options are set to: "Obtain an IP automatically' and 'Obtain DNS server address automaticly' (the first option for both) When you are done, Click the Advanced button. Another new window will appear.


  6. In this new window go to the DNS tab. Be sure that only the first circle 'Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes' the check box below it: 'Append parent suffixes of the primary DNS suffix' and 'Register this connection in DNS' are selected. Deselect everything else.


  7. Under the WINS tab. Make sure that 'Enable LMHOSTS lookup' is checked and that 'Use NetBIOS setting from the DHCP Server' is selected.

  8. Now Click OK . For all three open windows. This will bring you back to the control panel.
  9. Double-Click on System Properties on the Control Panel. Then Click the Network Identification tab.

  10. Click the Properties Button.
    Under Computer Name Type your userid-laptop (ie: damona-t20)
    Select Workgroup and Type your dorm, offcampus, or building. (ie: nason, or offcampus)

  11. Click OK to close the identification changes window. Click OK and then Click Yes to restart your computer and let the settings take place.

Your computer should now be set up to connect to the Internet through the RCS network If you have any problems or questions contact the helpdesk at x7777 or