Open Wireless For Guests

The SSID rpi_public_webauth is provided in specific public locations on campus, and offers unauthenticated and unsecured wifi SSID that is meant for light use by guests to the Rensselaer campus.  The SSID requires users to enter an email address in order to gain access via a web browser after connecting, and access is granted to visitors based on Rensselaer's terms and conditions of Internet use.

As of June 2017, the rpi_public_webauth SSID is currently available in these locations:

  • Admissions Building
  • Armory/Robison Pool/Mueller Center
  • CBIS
  • DCC
  • Heffner Alumni House
  • Union
  • VCC

Guest wireless users should note that certain restrictions apply:

  • Traffic is outside of the campus firewall - If guests need access to campus resources they should be provided with a TAGS account for access to rpi_wpa2.
  • No SMTP, ICMP ping or connections associated with known viruses.
  • Data rate limits will be in effect.
  • Due to data rate limits, this SSID is intended for light Internet usage.