I've Been Blocked! DNS Blocking / Restricted Network Access

Understanding why your network access was restricted

It is important to find and isolate computer users who have a compromised system. We do this by limiting their network access to a single server. Because laptops move around, we restrict network access based on the MAC (Media Access Control) address, unique to each Ethernet card. Until the computer is cleaned, it can still infect others as long as it doesn't need DNS or Wins resolution to do so.

Any activity observed or reported that indicates a probable virus/worm/hacker issue can lead to a machine being redirected or a port being turned off, including:

  • suspicious network traffic
  • unusual connection attempts in host/server logs
  • inappropriate use of services in host/server logs
  • a complaint from someone on campus
  • a complaint from someone off campus

After an infected host has been discovered, members of the DotCIO staff will disable the normal DHCP boot process and users will be directed to a web page with instructions and additional information about how to clean their machine and restore complete services. Users must follow these instructions to clean their machine before access is reinstated.

Getting reconnected

You will need to contact the VCC Help Desk before you can be reconnected. You must have installed the current virus definitions, installed all critical updates, rebooted, and performed a complete scan. It is not necessary for the scan to find something because the critical updates performed might have already removed the virus.