RCS and Computer Science Remote Access Servers

Access to any of these servers is available via SecureCRT, Cygwin, ssh, PuTTY, etc. Use your RCS userid and password for authentication.

A rotary that will connect you to an available remote access server:

  • rcs.rpi.edu


  • rcs-linux.rpi.edu

The individual RCS remote access server are

  • rcs-linux1.rpi.edu
  • rcs-linux2.rpi.edu
  • rcs-linux3.rpi.edu

If you have an account with Rensselaer's Computer Science department, you can use their remote machines at:

  • linux.cs.rpi.edu
  • svn3.cs.rpi.edu
  • twiki.cs.rpi.edu

For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the Computer Science department's Lab Manual page.