Configuring the VPN for Mac OS X (all versions up to and including OS X 10.11 El Capitan)

  1. Open System Preferences ... and select Network
  2. Click on the plus sign ( "+" ) in the bottom left corner.


  3. In the pull-down menus that appear, make the selections shown below (you can name it anything you want) and then push the Create button.


  4. Enter the server address ( and your sign-on. You can leave the password box empty.


  5. Click on the Authentication Settings... button (see above figure) and enter the following information:

    Shared Secret: c26!8m
    Group Name: rpi


  6. After you click on the OK button you should see something like the window below. To complete the process now click on the Apply button.

  7. To connect, click on the VPN icon in the menu bar at the top right corner and select Connect RPI VPN.

  8. Enter your password and select OK