Connecting to the VPN via a Windows Mobile 5/6 Device

Users having a Windows Mobile 2005/6 device can use the following instructions for connecting to the VPN.

AnthaVPN Client Download

Users have a number of options for downloading the AnthaVPN client. Both a demo version and licensed version(s) are available for download from the AnthaSoft website; Mobile 5/6 users should purchase a license for AnthaVPN PRO 7.6 for Windows Mobile 2005/6 AnthaVPN 7.6-PRO-WM6. (Please note that there is a fee associated with the license for this client.)

Setup Instructions -- AnthaVPN PRO 7.6 for Windows Mobile 2005/6)

Please note that other versions of the client may have different setup instructions from those given below.

Once AnthaVPN PRO 7.6 for Windows Mobile 2005/6 AnthaVPN 7.6-PRO-WM6 is installed on the mobile device:

Under Policy Editor:


Gateway type: Cisco Unified Client
Gateway address:
Select the checkbox for split tunnel
Leave the PKI and PFS checkboxes unchecked.


Select the checkbox for XAuth.
Group Name: rpi
Group Password: see password (RCS authentication required)
Leave the Username: and Password: fields blank.
Select the checkbox for Prompt Always for User Password.


Select the checkbox for Query IPSec.

IKE Proposals:

Select the checkbox for Query IKE.

Accept the default settings for:


Finally, tap to connect.