Connecting an Apple TV to the rpi_wpa2 Wi-Fi LAN

Required Items

  • Apple TV (2nd/3rd/4th generation) running the latest iOS version
  • Apple laptop running Mac OS X 10.7.x or later
  • Apple Configurator software running the latest version
  • Micro-USB cable

Note: Before proceeding, it is assumed that the computer used for this procedure has already successfully connected to Rensselaer's rpi_wpa2 WiFi network.

Configuration Steps

  1. Export the Radius Authentication Certificate from Keychain Access.
    • Use Keychain's search box to find the trust certificate.
    • Export this file to your Desktop by clicking on File > Export items... from the top menu bar.
    • Quit Keychain Access.
  2. Use Apple Configurator to set up a configuration profile
    • Connect the Apple TV (ATV) to your computer with the micro-USB cable. Please also ensure that the ATV is connected to the internet, and power the unit on.
    • The Apple Configurator software will open, prompting you to choose an enrollment profile. Select the Don't enroll option and click Next.
    • If you are already using the latest iOS version, select the Don't install option and click Next.
    • At the "Install configuration profiles" prompt, click New to create a new profile.

    There are three sections of interest which require adjustment:

    • General -- Provide the details relevant to your Apple TV.
    • Certificates -- Add the Radius trust certificate that was previously exported from Keychain Access. To do this, click on the + icon, and then locate and add the certificate.
    • Wi-Fi -- Update the following fields as follows:
      • SSID: rpi_wpa2
      • Auto Join: Check option to enable
      • Security Type: WPA/WPA2 Enterprise

      The "Enterprise Settings" section is divided into two sub-categories titled Protocols and Trust.

      Under the Protocols tab, update the following fields as follows:

      • Accepted EAP Types: PEAP
      • Username: Enter your RCS userID
      • Password: Enter your RCS password

      Under the Trust tab, update the following two sections:

      • Trusted Certificates -- Click to enable the check box for the Radius server certificate entry.
      • Trusted Sever Certificate Names -- Click the + icon to add the entry to this sub-section.

      Click Save at the bottom right side of the wizard to return to the "Install configuration profiles" prompt.

      Click to enable the check box for your newly created profile. Select Next to continue.

  3. Click Configure at the review summary to apply your changes.
  4. Follow the Apple Configurator's on-screen instructions to finalize your setup.
  5. Finally, select Close to complete your profile.

    After the Apple TV has rebooted itself, you can verify that the profile has been installed successfully by going to the Settings > General > Profile section on your Apple TV.