Obtaining Temporary Wireless Access for Events and Conferences

This self-service no-cost program allows campus departmental directory administrators to create wireless access accounts using the Temporary Account Generation System (TAGS) application. These accounts have no other access or service privileges.

When would TAGS be useful?

  • When a campus visitor has a short term need to access the RPI wireless network.
  • No need to get an RCS guest account if wireless network access is all that is needed.
  • You control who gets these accounts and how long access is permitted.

Who can create TAGS accounts?

Anyone who has administrative access to their departmental campus directory information can generate a TAGS account.

Creating a Temporary Wireless Access Account

  1. Open the TAGS URL.
  2. Enter your RCS userID and password at the login prompt, then click on the Main Menu option in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Locate the Application Group: Simon Applications listing and click on the Temporary Account Generation System option.
  4. The window that appears will show you any current accounts that you have created and allow you to create new accounts.
  5. To create new accounts, click on the Request tab in the upper right-hand corner, and then complete the various request areas in the Setup Request form as follows:
    • Group Name - Enter the event name or person, or leave this blank.
    • Department - Enter your department name
    • Start Date and End Date can be entered (Note that you may request a maximum of 21 days)
    • Quantity - Enter the number of accounts needed
    • Assign Generic Names - Enter the names of your guests. If you do not know their names, leave the default at No.
  6. Click on Start Request.
  7. In the Tabular Form window, click on Submit. The resulting window will show the accounts.
  8. Select the Yes button next to Show Password. The Account Name and Initial Password will be displayed.
  9. The Bulk Print option does not work smoothly, but if you want to give it a try:
    1. Check every box for each guest (the single "all" check box does not always work, so select each individual.
    2. Click Bulk Print.
    3. Bulk Print will either print a blank form, or it will print the previous print job.
    4. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
    5. Bulk print will print the correct job.
  10. You can also try using the CSV Report option to have the accounts loaded automatically into an Excel spreadsheet. When you click on the CSV Report you may get a prompt for Open, Save, or Cancel. Select Open to move the accounts to an Excel spreadsheet.
  11. You are now done and can log out of TAGS.

TAGS accounts are ready for immediate use.

Expiration dates can be modified after the account is created. The maximum length of the extension will always be seven days.

Extending a Temporary Wireless Access Account

  1. Log into TAGS and go to the Main Menu option in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select the Temporary Account Generation System option. The active accounts list should appear.
  3. On the accounts, click the Edit box of the account and then click on the Edit option next to Actions.
  4. Click in the open boxes just to the left of the Account Name.
  5. Click on the calendar icon located directly above the Guest name field; a calendar will pop up. Select the new calendar date for the account expiration.
  6. Note that you can up to add up to one week.
  7. Click the Submit button to complete the transaction.

Please note that a TAGS account cannot be regenerated once it expires. If further wireless access is needed, you will need to create a new TAGS account.

Obtaining TAGS Access

If you do not have authorization to use TAGs, please contact the VCC Help Desk staff to be granted access.  Please note that TAGS access will only be granted to faculty and staff, and not to students.