Short-Term Wireless Access Accounts

RPI departmental representatives may request temporary wireless access accounts, which are intended to allow visitors who do not have RCS accounts access to the campus wireless network.

Note that open public wireless is not an option.

The benefits of using the temporary wireless accounts include:

  • The temporary accounts use the primary wireless network, rpi_wpa2 or eduroam
  • The accounts are easily managed. Departmental directory administers can request access to create and manage these temporary accounts.
  • For any given campus location there is a limitation of about 250 simultaneous connections on the campus wireless network.  Open public wireless hits this limit quickly when you consider that many people carry a cell phone that may use a wireless connection. Now add laptops on top of that and it's easy to see how the wireless network limit is quickly reached.
  • The temporary wireless accounts will work anywhere on campus where rpi_wpa2 is broadcast.
  • If one of the guest machines causes a problem on the wireless network, we have the option of disabling that single account.

Account Requests

Requests for Temporary Account Generation System (TAGS) accounts should be sent to the Help Desk staff , and should include information such as how many accounts are needed, the start date, and the end date. Typically, a request should not be for more than a one-week duration. The requester will be responsible for distributing the accounts to the visitors.

Requesters should allow two business days for the accounts to be set up and e-mailed back to them.  Please note that the TAGS accounts, which are not meant for long-term use and do not have mailboxes or file space associated with them, are not a replacement for RCS guest accounts.  They are meant to help visitors get network connections via the rpi_wpa2 campus wireless network for a short period of time.