Rensselaer Website for Mobile Devices, the "portable Rensselaer," is a web site intended for browsers on mobile devices. Some of the content has been developed specifically for this site, some pages have been reformatted for mobile devices, and other existing content has simply been re-used. The same content may display differently on different devices and/or different mobile browsers. The site was initially launched February 2008.

iphone is not intended to deliver all the content of RPInfo, or any other web site, for that matter. Rather, it is targeted to deliver useful, relevant content and applications to anyone on our campus - visitors, students, faculty, and staff - as they move about the campus, and to do the same for members of the Rensselaer community when they might be off-campus.

Features include:

  • Unplanned closings and alerts
  • People directories
  • Events calendar
  • Latest athletic scores


We will be contacting some content providers whose pages we are repurposing to see whether we can work together to develop more mobile-friendly formats. We hope (and expect) that some content providers not represented in this initial roll out will contact us to discuss making additional content and/or applications available.

2013 Update: over the past several years, DotCIO has moved toward responsive design in its approach to user interface theming of its content management systems.  In so doing, we are helping numerous content providers at Rensselaer make their sites mobile ready.  Coming updates to will reflect these changes and will take advantage of the new landscape of mobile browsing which has come a long way since 1998.