Billing and Service Inquiries


If you're a student here at Rensselaer, you can now choose to receive your monthly telephone bills via e-mail. In order to do this, you must e-mail the following information to the Information Technologies Infrastructure staff:

  • Name
  • RIN account number
  • Dorm and Room number (or off-campus address)
  • Telephone extension
  • RCS account (e-mail) for any questions

Faculty and Staff

Ordering Service

Rensselaer faculty and staff who need to obtain telephone service must have departmental authorization before they can do so. (Please refer to the telephone cost information below for brief phone descriptions and pricing.)

To request phone service, either send a written e-mail request to the Information Technologies Infrastructure staff, or send a fax to (518) 276-3000. In either case, please include the following information:

  • Department contact name and phone number
  • Department name
  • Building and room number
  • Account number to be charged
  • Description of the type of work which needs to be done
  • Whether or not a phone jack is present in the room

It takes approximately ten business days to process orders.


Information Technologies Insfrastructure has implemented a new rate structure. As of July 1, 2005, all Rensselaer faculty and staff users must purchase all telephones, except for the STE and ITE-4 phones.

All telephones have a $100 installation charge per phone, with a monthly service charge of $27.20. For additional telephone prices, please direct e-mail to the Information Technologies Infrastructure staff.

Brief descriptions of the telephones and their features appear below.

steStandard Analog Telephone (STE)

ite-4The ITE-4 is a single line telephone with four feature buttons and a red line/status lamp. The line-status lamp provides a visual notification for Message Waiting, Callback and Line In-Use. The four feature buttons are preprogrammed as Hold, Callback, Transfer and Access. The Access button is used to initiate additional features via dialed feature codes which are annotated on the ITE-4 facemat. Ringer tone and volume are user adjustable.



ite-12sdThe ITE-12SD features 12 programmable line/feature buttons, an internal two-way speakerphone and a two line, 20-character LCD display. A handy contrast control allows the user to make fine adjustments to the display. High quality audio is incorporated into the design of the internal speakerphone. User efficiency is promoted through practical controls for Speakerphone On/Off, Microphone Mute and Speaker Volume. Feature and line status are indicated by an LED associated with each of the 12 buttons. User adjustable control for ringer tone and volume are also provided.



ite-30sdThe ITE-30SD is a high style, full-featured, 30 button digital telephone featuring an internal high quality speakerphone, a large 40-character LCD display and an internal handset amplifier. The ITE-30SD sports a blue accent strip to complement your office decor. The ITE-30SD supports four fixed feature buttons programmed as Transfer, Display, Hold and Redial, and 26 buttons which may be programmed as any combination of lines or features.