Bringing Your Own Laptop?

Although all Rensselaer students are required to have a laptop, they are not required to participate in the Mobile Computing Program. However, all students who do choose to bring their own laptops to campus are strongly encouraged to follow the minimum specifications of the MCP models to ensure adequate performance.  We ask incoming freshman who decide not to participate in the Program to log into the Student Information System(SIS) during the laptop-ordering period to indicate their decision.

Remember that the main advantage of participating in the Mobile Computing Program is the support you receive via the Program. Students who opt to bring their own laptop will miss out on some of the stronger features of the program, such as the laptop loaner program, the ability to reload the software image, and strong support services included as part of the Mobile Computing Program.  Keep in mind that depending on the hardware and operating system you choose, there may be incompatibilities or other issues to address.  Some applications require Windows and therefore Apple users may need to be prepared to run Windows as well.