Re-imaging Your Laptop

Wed, 12/12/2012 - 11:31 -- admin

The software image refers to the bundled software that is installed on the laptop you received through Rensselaer's Mobile Computing Program (MCP).

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  • Can I get my laptop re-imaged?

    Yes, provided your laptop is one of the following models and you received it through the MCP:  T450s, W541, T440s, T430s, or T430.  If you have an older-model laptop, please contact the VCC Help Desk with any questions you may have about re-imaging your machine.

  • Is there a charge to re-image my laptop?

    No, there is no charge to re-image and there is no limit on the number of times you may re-image your MCP laptop.

  • Where do I go to re-image?

    Bring your MCP laptop and RPI ID card to the VCC Help Desk. Please note that since re-imaging is self-service, you will need to stay with your laptop while this is being done. The software images are on a local private server so this service is only available in the VCC during Help Desk Hours.

  • How long will it take to re-image my laptop?

    It takes about 30 minutes to download the image. After re-imaging, allow another 30 minutes to configure the laptop.

  • What will happen to the data that is on my laptop's hard drive?

    All data that is on the hard drive prior to re-imaging will be destroyed.

  • How can I save my data?

    Hopefully, you have been doing regular backups. If not, here are some options for backing up your data prior to re-imaging your laptop. Back up your data using a device such as a USB flash drive, or an external hard drive, or your laptop's CD or DVD writer. In some cases, the Help Desk staff may be able to provide backup space. Finally, sites such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive offer cloud-based storage space. These services are not affiliated with RPI.

  • What if my hard drive fails and I don't have any backups?

    In all likelihood, your data will be lost in such a situation. You can contact the VCC Help Desk staff to see if they can attempt to recover your data, but be forewarned that this is unsuccessful in most cases. Professional data recovery companies are available, but these are often expensive and provide no guarantee that they can recover your data.

  • What are the options for re-imaging?

    Please refer to the table shown below to select the image you want. (W7 = Windows 7.  Starting with Windows 8.1, all images are 64-bit.)

    Please note that some images are also available for other older-model Mobile Computing laptops.  Please inquire at the VCC Help Desk.

      W7 64-bit Base W7 64-bit Full W8.1 Base W8.1 Full W10 Base
    T430 X X X X X
    T430s X X X X X
    T440s - - X X X
    T450s - - X X X
    W541 - - X X X
    T460s - - - - X
    XPS15 - - - - X


  • If I install the base image, can I also install some of the additional software?

    Yes, the laptop is your property and you may install additional software on it if you wish. RPI software that is not included as part of the base image can be either downloaded from the Help Desk website or may be installed off the private software server located in the VCC Help Desk.

  • What software is available on the private software server in the VCC Help Desk?

    The private software server is no longer available to students.  Students can:

    • Obtain the latest version of Microsoft Office by having their laptop re-imaged
    • Obtain Microsoft Visual Studio through Microsoft Dreamspark
    • Purchase Adobe Digital Collection
  • What software is available via network download?

    Please refer to the Software section of this website for a complete list of packages which users may download and install via the Help Desk.

  • Does the image include software upgrades?

    Yes, the Help Desk will make new software releases available to participants of the Mobile Computing Program as the campus begins to use them. However, we will not release new versions to the campus until we know that the new releases work in our environment and will be used for instruction in the academic program.

  • Can I re-image my laptop or get software from RPI after I graduate?

    No. Your user license expires once you graduate or leave.