Plotting on the RCS Public Plotters

List of Public Plotters

About the Plotters

The RCS plotters, vcp7100, vcp7100g, and vcpltcf, accept PostScript jobs and are appropriate for large-format applications.

These HP DesignJet 1055CM inkjet printers produce output on continuous paper up to 72 inches long, with a minimum paper height of 11 inches. The paper width is 36 inches, but your document width should be 34 inches or less. This plotter has three "device options" for print quality: draft, normal (the default) and best. You also have the option of printing color as gray.

Output from the plotters is placed in special bins next to the output racks in the VCC. Note that the plotters need time to produce quality output, so don't expect your output to appear very quickly.

The plotter named vcp7100 (full name: VC_HP_Plotter) is loaded with normal paper.

The plotter named vcp7100g (full name: VC_HP_Plotter_Glossy) is loaded with glossy paper. Be aware that glossy paper is very expensive! Check the charges before you send a job to vcp7100g. Also note that, since the glossy plots must be completely dry before they are rolled up, it can take an extra four hours for these plots to appear in the output racks. So, if you're in a hurry, do not use the vcp7100g plotter.

The plotter named vcpltcf (full name: VC_HP_Plotter_ClearFilm) is loaded with clear film, which is even more expensive than glossy paper. As with the vcp7100g plotter, please check the charges before you send a job to vcpltcf.   Also note that there may be times when vcpltcf print jobs will be delayed because the plotter may be loaded with normal paper when the demand on vcp7100 is very heavy.

Sending a Job to a Plotter

For instructions on sending your job to one of the plotters, click the appropriate link on the right: either "Using the Plotters from a Windows PC" or Using the Plotters from UNIX".
Important! Before plotting, please click the right to left for "Tips for Successful Plotting" . If you are using your own PC, it is especially important to configure the HP 1055CM plotter driver properly.


The fees for these plotters have been set to recover the cost of supplies and depend on print quality, paper quality and color/gray. See the list of plotting charges for details.