Printing Charges and Refunds

You can use your RCS account to print from UNIX, Macs, or PCs networked on campus. You will need to provide your RCS userid and password on PCs and Macs before you can print.

At the start of each fall and spring semester, each user receives a free allocation of $12.50 for black & white printing. (The allocation is $6.25 for each summer session.) This allocation is reset at the beginning of each new semester after the first time you print each semester; any "money" you do not spend on printing is not carried over to the next semester. After this allocation is used up, charges are added to your (or your department's) Bursar bill from Rensselaer.

Please note that the $12.50 free printing allocation is for black and white printing only. All specialized printing, including color printing and plotting, is charged to the user's account. There is no allocation for specialized printing.

Also note that printing charges will not appear on your Bursar bill until the amount is more than $5.00. This means that charges might not appear until the following semester.

For cost information on plotting (vcp7100, vcp7100g, vcpltcf), please see the plotting charges page.

Printing Charges

The charge per page varies according to the type of printer Note that you are not charged for header pages. The per job charge imposed on printers that use header pages is intended to partially recover the cost of these pages.

Black & White Printing

  one-sided (8.5"x11") 10 cents/page + 2 cents/job
  one-sided 11"x17" (vcblw, vcsoutb) 20 cents/page + 5 cents/job
  two-sided 8.5"x11" (vclw) 15 cents/sheet + 2 cents/job
  two-sided 11"x17" (vcblw) 30 cents/sheet + 5 cents/job
  labels (vclbl30) 10 cents/page + 10 cents/job

Color Printing*

  one-sided 8.5"x11" [Phaser 6350]
20 cents/page + 5 cents/job
  one-sided 8.5"x11" [Phaser 8570s and 8650s]
(ci3130p3, li2f2p3, sa3101p3, tr2012p3, vcpap3, vcph3let, vcsoutp3)
20 cents/page + 5 cents/job
  one-sided 8.5"x11" [7750, 7760gx]
(gr306cl, vcmezzcl)
20 cents/page + 5 cents/job
  one-sided 11"x17" [7750, 7760]
(gr306cb, vc7760cb, vcmezzcb)
20 cents/page + 5 cents/job
  one-sided 11"x14" (vc7760cz4, vcmezzcz4) 20 cents/page + 5 cents/job
  two-sided 8.5"x11" (vcph3let, gr306cl, vcmezzcl) 30 cents/sheet + 5 cents/job
  two-sided 8.5"x11" (vc6350let) 30 cents/sheet + 5 cents/job
  two-sided 11"x17" (vc7760cb, vcmezzcb, gr306cb) 30 cents/sheet + 5 cents/job
  two-sided 11"x14" (vc7760cz4, vcmezzcz4) 30 cents/sheet + 5 cents/job
  Transparency 8.5"x11" (vc6350ovr) 50 cents/page + 20 cents/job
  Glossy 11"x17" (gr306cbg, vc7760cbg) 20 cents/page + 20 cents/job

* The per-job charge does not apply to self-service color printers that do not have header pages.

Note that charges for color printing are always charged to your Bursar bill.