Canceling a Plot or Print Job

Users are able to remove their own print request(s) from a queue, using SecureCRT via one of Rensselaer's remote access servers.

Removing All Jobs from a Queue

       lprm -Pprintername userid  (example: lprm -Pvcpalw smith3)

Removing a Specific Print Job from a Queue

First, use the following command to determine the job number of the print request.  The job numbers are designated by the three digits affixed to the front of what will be either the IP address of, or name of, the machine from which the print request was sent.

       lpq -Pprintername -l

Once you have determined the job number, you can use the following command to remove it from the print queue:

       lprm -Pprintername job#

An example of user "jones" checking for, and then removing, their first print job in the Warren Hall printer queue appears below.

lpq -Pwalw -l
Checking queue for walw

status: busy; source: Network
job: smithk:003 -->walw@pserv-199 starting @ Nov 22 12:45:46

smithk: active                           [job 003SMITHK430]
   2123418 - Fri Nov 22 12:45 - Homework-3.pdf                 

jones: 1st                             [job 023129.161.196.183]
    265516 - Fri Nov 22 15:04 - Print                          

jones: 2nd                             [job 024129.161.196.183]
    267709 - Fri Nov 22 15:04 – Crib sheet

lprm -Pwalw 023


- To remove multiple jobs from a queue, users may enter more than one job number per command, separating each job number with a space.

- Note that, in the above example, user "smithk" wouldn't be able to remove his/her job, because it has already begun processing, as designated by its “active” status.