RCS Public Printers

Networked PostScript printers are located in many places across the campus including the VCC, all the workstation lab/classrooms, and the various Personal Computer labs. There are several kinds of printers, which vary in quality, color, and paper type.

You can see a complete list of public RCS printers sorted by type of printer or by location.

Printer names on the RCS network are made up of 3 parts, usually {Building}{room}{type}, or {Building}{type}{form}. The short form of the name uses a two character building code, up to four characters for a room, location, or type, and a two character type or form code. There is also a long form of the name that spells out the printer type.

For a description of the resolution of the various types of black & white and color printers, see Resolution and Quality

The cost depends on the type of printer and whether it is black & white or color; see the Charges and Refunds page for information.